The "" is a portal of Creative HR Quantum Pvt Ltd.

Creative HR Quantum has been conferred with " the Making the world happening" award in May 2022. 

Creative HR Quantum Pvt. Ltd was founded way back in July 2012. The name “Creative HR Quantum” signifies the strong need for exploring hidden creative “quanta” to win at work. With a vision to create wonders at work, “Creative HR Quantum private limited” started its operations by forming a team of enthusiastic people. The operations started in the year 2016. 

Since its founding, Creative HR Quantum has grown by leaps and bounds.

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The portal is a multi-vendor service and digital products portal that helps solve work-related problems creatively for jobseekers, startups and employees using a mix of creativity, technology and learning. One gets a wide range of services and digital products such as online training packages or learning solutions, customized creative consultations, portfolio and business website design and development, digital resume development and digital creative add-ons.