Personalized Consultation (Use Code : FREE1st for FREE Consultation ) Team- Learning & Development

Learn how this Personalized Consultation (Use Code : FREE1st for FREE Consultation ) can change your life

Rs. 1,000.00 Rs. 1,500.00 100000
Do'nt know how to proceed? Get free consultation. Dont' worry if your challenge or problem is not listed in our training programmes. Here is an opportunity for you to discuss your unique problems and challenges in detail related to job search, your profession or work life balance . Based on your specific problem customised solutions will be designed exclusively for you in consultation with expert. This session might be beneficial for you in number of ways: You will get advice particular to your problem rather than a generalised one. Your challenges will be discussed in detail and customised solution with prescription will be provided to you. Your queries on professional front will be discussed with options and many more suggestions. You will gain more clarity on how to achieve your goals faster

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