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Top up your job search with powerful cover letters. If you have a cover letter, you job application appears more customized as per the demoands of the job. You appear to be a candidate who is fit for the required role and is sincerely aiming to get the job. You build a connect with your prospective employer the moment you enclose your resume with a personalised cover letter and your resume then needs less tweaking with each application because the enclosed cover letter does that for you. It is a great cover letter that builds a connect with your prospective employer and lists what it is about the offered job that attracts you and make you the right fit. Pick this cover letter theme to add feathers to your career. Kindly Note: 1. Once you place an order , you need to share your existing CV or Professional details at 2. A digital copy of your cover letter will be delivered at your email within 2-3 working days of placing the order. 3. If you opt for printing services, the delivery of your cover letter will take 5-7 working days depending on shipping conditions.

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